VisualMILL 2017 – Xpress

VisualMill 2017 on tehokas, monipulinen ja helppokäyttöinen CAM/CAM-ohjelma cnc-koneiden työstöratojen tekoon.



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VisualMILL 2017

VisualMILL, our flag-ship standalone Windows based CAM software package, is ideal for mold, die &tooling, wood working, rapid prototyping and general machining. Priced right for the cost conscious buyer, VisualMILL CAM Software delivers outstanding value for your investment. It also includes VisualCAD, a completely free modeling system.
VisualMILL comes in 5 different configurations, each of which is described below:

VisualMILL 2017 Xpress (XPR)

A program tailored for hobbyists, makers and students. Ideal for getting started with CAM programming. Includes 2 & 3 axis machining methods. Priced attractively for first time buyers.

VisualMILL 2017 Standard (STD)

A multi-purpose program suited for production, rapid prototyping, flat panel & general machining, where ease of use and a complete tool set is important. Includes 2 & 3 axis machining methods and advanced simulation.

VisualMILL 2017 Expert (EXP)

This configuration allows 4th Axis Indexed and continuous roughing and finishing operations in VisualMILL 2016. Curve based continuous machining such as 4 Axis Facing, Pocketing, Profiling & Engraving as well as Surface/solids/meshes based machining such as Roughing, Finishing and Curve Projection machining are available. This configuration includes all of the functionality included in the STD configuration.

VisualMILL 2017 Professional (PRO)

This configuration boasts of powerful toolpath generation strategies coupled with tools for efficiently controlling the cutting tool for detailed machining capabilities, while not sacrificing ease of use. Suitable for demanding users with sophisticated manufacturing requirements. This product configuration includes all of the functionality included in the EXP configuration described above.

VisualMILL 2017 Premium (PRE)

This configuration includes our new 5 Axis continuous machining functionality. Suitable for highly sophisticated machining requirements such as aerospace, advanced mold making and woodworking industry, this package includes such machining methods such as surface normal machining, swarf machining and surface flow machining. The package in addition includes all the functionality found in the PRO configuration described above.