Type Tube-mini      
Effective diameter (mm) 50mm-300mm    
Input Power  800W
Input voltage Single phase, 110/220V
Power frequency 50/60Hz
Cutting mode

Plasma Cut (Flame cut 

is optional)

Driver Motor servo drives
Moving speed 0~8,000mm/min
Tolerance ≤0.4 mm
Display 7inch color LCD screen
External format  TXT or NC format

English, Chinese, Spanish, 

Russian, French, Japanese, 

Czech and Slovenia, etc.

Temperature 1-40°C (34-104 °F)
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The Tube Mini Compact Pipe Cutting Machine by ARCBRO® is a two-axis CNC pipe cutting machine that has a small footprint and can rapidly profile aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel pipes with ease. This machine is ideal for roll cage fabrication shops, handrail and fencing manufacturers, and many other small-to-medium-sized fabrication shops that are looking to increase the efficiency of profiling and cutting their pipes and tubes. Its standard pipe cutting diameter is between 25mm to 200mm. Standardize cut quality, and expand the capabilities of your works.


Standard Features

  • Effective cutting size: φ50-300mm, 3000-6000mm long
  • Two-axis
  • Fangling F2300A system
  • Libellula tube two-axis software
  • Leisai 86+57 servo motor
  • OPG DC motor (worm gear lifting)

Easy to Operate

The powerful ARCBRO servo motion control technology and the user-friendly interface of Windows will provide effective and easy-to-use CNC pipe profiling technology to all users. 

Shops with multiple operators will find that the highly nesting software is easy to operate, yet powerful enough to handle your most demanding cuts. 

TUBE MINI plasmaleikkauskoneen ominaisuudet

Precise cutting

The Tube Mini Compact Cutter pairs a powerful gear train with a linear guidance system to ensure fluid motion. It also uses an auto beveling torch arm (optional ) that enables the machine to cut at bevel angles between 0 and 45°. This feature is ideal for shops that need to weld prep their pipes.

The standard Arc Voltage Height Control (AVHC) reads the arc voltage throughout the cut to compensate for pipes and tubes that are out of round.

Tube Mini Plasmaleikkuri

Plasma cutting capacity


Health, Effective, Standardize

The newest up and down automatic design and Dust removal design can help the user fix different size pipes quickly and keep a clean work environment, keep work health and effective work.

Each feature on this machine has been engineered to increase efficiency, standardize cut quality, and expand the capabilities of your works.