Stinger PRO 5100

Cutting mode

High definition plasma cutting

Input Voltage

110V / 220V


50 / 60Hz

Cutting size

3000 * 1500 mm

Input power


Drive motor

Panasonic servo motor



CNC controller


Plasma Power Source

ArcBlitz HD

Running Cutting Speed

0 – 20000 mm/min


≤ 0.3mm

Height Control

Automatic voltage THC

Stinger PRO 5100
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STINGER PRO 5100 CNC High Definition Plasma Cutting Table for Workshop PRO!


Stinger pro 5100 ArcBro flagship true hole HD plasma CNC cutting table launched in 2020. This robust, industrial table is built with production in mind. The plasma table can handle the rigors of continuous production runs with industry leading repeatability and reliability. And it has been designed and built from the ground up by ARCBRO engineer team- ensuring a world class product with the quality and reliability you have come to expect. It meet all the requirements of HD cutting, improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs, comprehensively upgrade the cutting process, and build for all-day production. This one perfect plasma machine for every professional workshop own.
achieving the highest efficiency possible.
The nozzles accompany each other, creating multicolor,
multi-material models.


Standard Features

  • Main frame and crossbeam are heat treated. Machine body strength and durability are maximized.
  • High loaded iron gasket, guarantee machine leveling and absorb resonance.
  • Fork lift position was already setup, easy to move.
  • Magnetic anti-collision torch holder, connected by wire-rope, provide best torch protection.
  • Plasma cutting for HD true hole.
  • Cutting table is separated from machine frame. If cutting table is damaged by long time use, machine body get no any deformation.
  • 21’’ industrial touch screen, best operation experience.

Stiger PRO 5100

Plasma cutting Stiger PRO 5100


High Productivity ≠ High cost

A common thread in the technological advancement of plasma cutting since its invention is the continuous reduction in the cost per foot or meter of metal cut. This phenomenon, greatly accelerated in Stinger pro, is a primary driver of improved profitability for the user.
The cutting speed is three times than flame cutting, but the unit cutting cost is only 1/3 of the laser and same as flame cutting. Such high efficiency and low cost is what all users dream of. Right now, Stinger pro is the best choice to achieve this kind of requirement.


Superior Machinery, every set is heat treatedprocessed

Metal heat treatment is one of the important processes in mechanical manufacturing, which is characterized by improving the inherent quality of the workpiece, which is generally not visible to the naked eye. In order to maximize the service life, every set of Stinger Pro got heat-treated. In this way, we can increase the durability, so that a five years working life is promised. Powerful plasma power challenges the strength and accuracy of the airframe. But Stinger Pro performed perfectly.

To be more convenient, Stinger Pro has plug and play design. The operation data, wiring works and mechanism are all done before shipment. So, when you receive it, you can run it.


Fantastic perpendicularity, Say goodbye to annoying tapper!

Stinger PRO can bring you a wonderful cutting quality, through all thickness. With HD plasma source ArcBlitz, this solution is able to meet ISO range 3 cutting quality. It means the taper angle is smaller than 2 degree. So, say goodbye to annoying tapper.
The perfect hole technique is optional if you need to compare with drilling machine, we use perfect hole technology on bolt holes. It is the way more efficient.