Applicable materials:

wood,EPS and non-metallic carbon hybrid materials.Functional characteristicsAdopt Europe OSAI numerical control system, high machining accuracy and high speed.
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SHMS2040 lightweight polystyrene processing center

Four-row imported ball bearing,widening linear lead rail,self-lubricating block.when engraving,equal force in all directions,to ensure the accuracy and strength.

the route of Z axis can be heightenced to 700mm,processing,large format,suitable for procesising large-scale super-thick material.

intelligent processing cross-border protection,the design documents to prevent excessive hours due to mechanical impact.

diversified control processing speed can be cnotrolled separately,the speed of Idle running and roll setting,greatly improved the quality of processed products and processing efficiency.

1.die and mold industries:

sculpture various large non-metallic mold can be paritcularly stuitable for automotive foam mold,wooden ship model,wooden model aviation,trains and other wooden mold.

2.Musical instrument industry:Can carve three dimention musical instrument?contour cutting;


Additional Information

Item SHMS2040
Working Area 2000*4000*1000 mm
Table Size 2000*4000 mm
Transmission X,Y- Rack Pinion,Z - Ball Screw
Table Structure Cast Iron Table
Spinidal Power 6.0 KW HSD ES794 Water Cooling Spindle
Spinidal Speed 100-1000r/min
Driving System Servo Motor
Speed Max Travelling Speed: 12000 mm/min
Max Working Speed: 10000 mm/min
Working Voltage AC380V/3PH/50Hz
Operating System Taiwan Syntec (Option: OSAI)
Gross Weight 8000 KG