Coiled Fiber Laser cutting machine

Maximum coil weight: 10T
Feeding speed: 0-10M/MIN

Safety and environmental protection CE/FDA

Applicable materials


Cold rolled coil, galvanized coil, stainless steel coil, aluminum coil

Working Area(mm)


Working Area(in)


Laser power


Material thickness


Material width


Maximum outer diameter of material


Maximum coil weight


Material inner diameter


Feeding accuracy

±0.5mm (calculated by 1000mm)

Feeding speed

0-10M/min (stepless speed regulation)

Coiled Fiber Laser cutting machine
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SENFENG fiber laser blanking system combines a fiber laser cutting machine with an automatic metal coil feeding system resulting in an efficient coil fed laser cutting solution.Laser blanking  reduces power consumption compared to its alternatives, such as press lines and results more efficient and flexible.The automatic design of the whole process, which is from loading-uncoiling-leveling-cutting saves labor, realizes the net cutting of coil materials, and improves the utilization of sheet materials.

Features of fiber laser blanking system

High work efficiency and cost saving

The load-bearing capacity of the single-support uncoiler is 10 T, and the feeding speed of uncoiler is 0-10m /min (stepless speed regulation).

Coiled Fiber Laser cutting machine

Leveling sheet metal, eliminating the stress

After the coil is uncoiled, the plate is leveled by the leveling machine, and the stress of the plate during the leveling process is eliminated, so that the plate is smoother and a better cutting experience is obtained.

Coiled Fiber Laser cutting machine 2


High precision positioning and rectifying process

The special screw nut is used to drive the rectifying roller to install the slide block, so as to realize the positive orientation of the plate ,no need laser edging and save the cutting time of the plate.

Coiled Fiber Laser cutting machine 4


High precision transmission structure

Ultra-precision transmission system is adopted, high transmission accuracy.

Coiled Fiber Laser cutting machine 5