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VCarve Pro on tehokas, joustava, korkeatasoinen ohjelmisto, joka sisältää kaikki suunnittelu- ja koneistustoiminnot, mitä yritykset ja käyttäjät vaativat, samalla säilyttäen todella helpon käytettävyyden ja kohtuullisen hinnan. VCarve Pro on täydellinen ratkaisu CNC-työstämiselle, kylttien tekemiselle, puuntyöstöön ja kaivertamiseen. VCarve Pro ei tarjoa vain parhaan tason V-kaiverrus tekniikoita, vaan myös kaikki mahdolliset työkalut mitä tarvitset myös 2D-koneistamiseen. Ominaisuudet kuten nestaus, automaattinen upotus intarsiatöihin, 4-akselin koneistus, kappaleiden siltaukset, vinosyöttö, automatisoidut työkalut avointen ja kaksoisvektorien tunnistamiseen, edistynyt työstöratojen simulaatio ja paljon muuta. Kaikki ominaisuudet on suunniteltu auttamaan sinua työskentelemään nopeammin ja tehokkaammin.


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Pass Depth Control for Profiling

Aspire 3.5 has a new way to very precisely set the depths of cut for 2D Profile Toolpaths. Previously the pass depths were automatically calculated based on the Step Down value set for the tool. This is still the default option but now there are options to set depths using additional methods such as "Number of Passes" or to set specific values within the list either dynamically or by value. There is also an option to force a specific "Last Pass Thickness" for processes such as "Onion Skinning".

Pass Depth Control for Profiling

Layer Management

A number of improvements have been made to the way that VCarve Pro helps you to manage your 2D drawing layers. A simple but very useful addition is the New Layer is Active option on the Add New Layer dialog. With this option checked, newly created layers will immediately become active so subsequent shape editing will automatically use the new layer.

New Copy to Layer pop-up command

When you right-click an object in the 2D view an additional option to copy (rather than move) to a new or existing layer is now available.
VCarvePro v6 Layer Management

Ungroup to the group's layer

By default, when grouped objects are ungrouped they revert to the layers on which they had previously been located before the grouping operation. However this is sometimes inconvenient. For example, when you have copied a group of vectors to a new layer, it is easier for subsequent editing if the copied vectors to remain on the new layer, even after ungrouping. An alternative right-click pop-up menu command has been added to make this process easier.

Tool Database

VCarvePro v6 Toolpath DatabaseThe tool database has seen a significant overhaul in VCarve Pro 6. The most immediately obvious change is that you can now group tools in any way you like.
As with many lists in VCarve Pro, you can reorder your tool database by simply dragging and dropping the tools in the locations that you want them.

Tool Notes

The new tool notes section simply allows you to save any additional text descriptions, special instructions or relevant information you may require, within your tool definition.

Tooltip of group hierarchy

Hover your mouse pointer over the tool's name in any toolpath form once a toolpath has been calculated, VCarve Pro will provide a tooltip reminding you what the tool group hierarchy was for this tool when it was added to the toolpath strategy or template (see Toolpath Templates below). This can be extremely useful for quickly distinguishing between tools in your database that have similar names, but have been grouped according to their properties.

Importing and Exporting tool definitions

Individual tools or complete tool group hierarchies can now be saved to disk. Similarly, you can now import previously saved tools, groups or even entire tool databases.


VCarvePro v6 Toolpath Hierarchy

Toolpath Tiling

VCarvePro v6 Toolpath TilingUsing the Toolpath Tiling options it is possible to machine objects and designs that are many times larger than the available area of your CNC machine bed. This process is also invaluable if the maximum sizes of your material pieces are limited. In both cases, a much larger project can still be machined by breaking the toolpath down into manageable tiles or strips, each of which can fit within the machineable area of your CNC machine, or on the available material blocks. Once cut, the tiles can then be re-assembled to form the finished piece.

Toolpath Templates

VCarvePro v6 Toolpath TemplatesToolpath templates allow you to improve the efficiency of your production processes by saving the complete toolpath settings for common operations. These settings can then be re-used at any time on different design geometry. Frequently used strategies and tooling can thus be applied to similar jobs, quickly and easily.

Toolpath Previews & Simulation

The toolpath preview form has a number of additional commands to help with controlling the toolpath previewing process.

Preview Control Simulation

The preview controls provide full video-like playback control of your toolpath. You can use this mode to analyze the tool moves in detail, step-by-step. To begin using Preview Control, click on the Run button.
The new Preview Control buttons are summarized below:

Run Pause Single Step Run-to-retract Stop
Run Pause Single Step Run to Retract Stop
Begins Preview Control simulation Temporarily halts the tool in its current position and enables the Stop button so you can exit Preview Control mode Moves the toolpath on by one tool move. Runs the toolpath to the next retract move, then pauses the tool. Exits Preview Control mode.


Preview Visible Toolpaths

The Preview Visible Toolpaths command on the Toolpath Preview form allows you to single-out a subset of toolpaths to be simulated, quickly and easily. Simply isolate the toolpaths you wish to preview by un-ticking the visibility checkboxes of the other toolpaths in the list. Then click the Preview Visible Toolpaths button to begin the simulation.

Manual selection of machining order

VCarve Pro 6 now has the option to manually select the machining order for profiling, pocketing, drilling and carving toolpaths so you can override the automatic sequencing for special requirements. Simply select the vectors you wish to machine - in the order you want to machine them – select the new Use Vector Selection Order option, and click Calculate.

High Quality Toolpath Preview

One of the most important productivity tools available in VCarve Pro is the realistic 3D toolpath preview support. The results of all toolpaths can be previewed cutting into a 3D model. This means that whether your job is a simple toolpath with one tool, or created from a complex combination of tools and strategies at different levels you can be sure that when the job is cut, it is right first time.

As well as showing that the toolpaths are correct, the high quality rendering and ability to use real world material textures and fill colors is a very valuable sales tool. Using the simulation you can create customer proofs and evaluate design options without actually having to cut anything!

Preview Simulation from VCarve Pro

Toolpath previews show exactly how the designed project will look when machined

Precision VCarving
& Engraving

V-Carving uses a constant angled cutter that's moved at flowing variable depth to create a 3D carved effect on the job, similar to the way a craftsman would work by hand.

The extremely fast and robust VCarving engine within VCarve Pro handles complex designs with ease. Complicated designs that 'choke' many other CAM programs, often requiring the design to be cut in sections, or that can take more than 15 minutes to calculate are typically handled by VCarve Pro in one go, in seconds! As well as the fast calculation speed and robust handling of data, we have been told by many of our users that the resulting toolpaths run much smoother than those calculated by their previous program - programs that often cost in excess of $5000. But don't just take our word for it - download the trial version and try it for yourself using your own data.

As well as 'simple' VCarving, VCarve Pro supports many advanced VCarving strategies, such as 'Flat Bottomed' v-carving, optionally using a second flat bottom tool to optimally clear out the flat areas. Another advanced capability is the support for v-carving areas wider than the tool by making multiple clearance passes to achieve the required depth.

For a more detailed explanation of VCarving and how it differs from simple 2D profiling please click here...
VCarved Sign

2D Production Profile Cutting

Using the profiling toolpath strategy, objects can be cut out quickly and efficiently. Simply select the shapes you wish to profile, select the tool from the tool database and VCarve Pro will do the rest. VCarve Pro automatically offsets for the tool radius and sorts nested shapes to ensure that inner shapes such as the center of a letter 'O' are cut before the outer shape. Full control of cut direction is offered along with either automatic or manual control of tool entry point for each shape.

Profile Machining with production cutting options that ensure parts can be held in place and accurately machined with high quality edges and corner detail.

  • 3D Tabs for smoother profiling plus advanced options for automatic positioning to hold parts in place when machining
  • Lead In / Out and Overcut distance to prevent dwell marks appearing on components
  • Advanced Ramp options for controlling how the cutter enters the material, reducing heat build-up and cutter wear
  • Profile around the Outside / Inside of open shapes
  • Sharp internal and external beveled edges and corners

Cutouts can be done in multiple passes depending on the maximum cutting depth of the tool used and a positive or negative allowance can be specified to either 'under cut' or 'overcut' the shape if required.

A very powerful feature is the ability to specify that square corners are required. This is often used when profiling with a V-Bit tool, where with a conventional toolpath the tool will 'roll' round a sharp external corner leaving a radius on the chamfer created by the tool, with the 'square corners' option an angular chamfer will be created. See the beveled letter option below for an example showing where this feature is used.

Gears cut with VCarve Pro


Control over lead in / out, ramping and tabs or bridges is essential for production machining

3D Raised Prism Machining

The Raised Prism machining strategy is prefect for cutting high quality raised signs for restaurants, hotels and pubs etc. that look hand-made.

  • Raised Prism carving uses the side angle of V cutters to rapidly form angled sides around the selected shapes.
  • Automatically calculates the material thickness required to create a full prism based on the job size and cutter angle.
  • Calculates multiple Z passes when rough machining is required to remove material from around the prism shape.
  • Typically used when cutting raised lettering on signs.


Prism Machined shapes and lettering is perfect for large hotel, shop and restaurant signage

Fast and Efficient Pocketing

VCarve Pro makes creating pocketing toolpaths quick and easy. Just select all the vectors defining your geometry and the program will sort the vectors to identify islands automatically and offset the boundaries for the selected tool radius.

If the Z depth of the pocket exceeds the specified maximum allowed cutting depth for the tool in a single pass, VCarve Pro will generate multiple passes.

Either climb or conventional cutting directions can be specified in order to produce the best edge finish for your selection of material and cutter.

Pocketing with VCarve Pro

Automatic 2 Tool Pocket Machining

Faster and more efficient Two Tool Pocket Machining allows a large cutter to remove the majority of the stock material, followed by a smaller cutter that only machines where material has been left by the first larger cutter.

  • Rapid material removal using 2 cutters, a large cutter to remove the majority of the stock followed by a second smaller cutter that only machines the small regions.
  • Raster or Offset cutting strategies
  • Automatic clean-up pass ensures clean and precise edges


Fluting Toolpaths - Ramp In / Out

Fluting is a special toolpath type for cutting tapered grooves often known as ‘Flutes’ by ramping the cutter into and out of the material

Perfect for:

  • Woodworking and solid surface machining.
  • Flutes on columns and fireplaces
  • Drainage grooves on kitchen sink and shower units
  • Options for ramping in and out to create unique results


Toolpath Tiling

Using the Toolpath Tiling options it is possible to machine objects and designs that are many times larger than the available area of your CNC machine bed.

This process is also invaluable if the maximum sizes of your material pieces are limited. In both cases, a much larger project can still be machined by breaking the toolpath down into manageable tiles or strips, each of which can fit within the machineable area of your CNC machine, or on the available material blocks.

Once cut, the tiles can then be re-assembled to form the finished piece.


Toolpath Templates

Toolpath templates allow you to improve the efficiency of your production processes by saving the complete toolpath settings for common operations. These settings can then be re-used at any time on different design geometry. Frequently used strategies and tooling can thus be applied to similar jobs, quickly and easily.


Auto-Inlay Toolpaths

The Auto-Inlay toolpath options calculate profile cut-out and pocketing toolpaths for parts that need to be assembled to make inlays and inserts.

  • Automatic cutter radius compensation on corner regions to ensure male shapes will fit into female pockets or cavities.
  • Allowance option to ensure a sufficient 'gap' is created to allow parts to fit together.
  • 4 different Inlay options that are designed to make machining inlays very simple and straightforward.
  • Ideal toolpath option for sign makers, woodworkers, plastic and solid surface fabricators who need to cut parts that fit together.


Automatic corner compensation makes assembling parts quick and easy

Wrapped Rotary Toolpaths

Wrapped Rotary Toolpath postprocessing and viewing allows all toolpaths created in VCarve Pro to be saved and run on CNC machines fitted with rotary 4 axis / indexer setups.

The new rotary axis functionality is perfect for designing and cutting projects such fluted columns and barley twists or engraving text onto round projects.

Note: This functionality wraps VCarve Pro toolpaths around a cylindrical axis. It does not allow rotary machining for full 3D models such as statues to be calculated.


Molding Cutters

VCarve Pro allows you to add your own custom tools shapes to the tool library and generate toolpaths and simulate the finished result!

Now you can simulate the effects of complex Roman Ogee cutters, Round Over bits and any other custom tool shape you desire. Simply draw the tool profile in VCarve Pro or import the profile from another program and you can add your custom tool to the tool database. In the tool database you can specify feed rates, spindle speeds, cutting depths etc. in the same way that you do for any of the standard tool types.

Molding Cutters with VCarve Pro

Plus many more CNC Machining Options

Multi Color Toolpath Preview for more realistic toolpath simulation previews. Individual toolpaths can each be assigned a different preview fill color that can be used to simulate how the physical job will look when machined and painted.

The multi-color preview is perfect for presenting realistic images of jobs in quotations and estimates for customers. Or for creating images for marketing purposes such as web site and brochure content.

Unique 3D Texturing toolpaths that quickly machine randomly textured surfaces. Texture selected regions or a complete panel. Random texturing using selected vectors as drive curves.

Production Plate Engraving that merges text lists into templates for badges and industrial plates. Setup and merge CSV and text based lists using variables that can automatically scale to fit a design

Quick Engrave for Diamond dragging and marking engraved products such as gifts, awards, plaques, badges, pens, trophies etc.
Additional toolpath options include

Custom Form cutters such as Ogee and Round-overs can be added to the Tool Database and used to calculate and preview toolpaths.

Solid Fill Toolpath preview in the 2D view instantly shows where the cutter will remove material, showing corner details and regions where material might be left on the job.

Estimate Machining Times for job costing and machine loading

Recalculate all Toolpaths automatically if the design or material size / position changes

Postprocessor Support for Automatic Tool Changers allows multiple toolpaths with different cutters to be saved into a single file to run on the CNC machine.


Realistic 3D Previews


Unique 3D Textures are instantly calculated and CNC carved onto products



Create Arc

The new Create Arc tool allows a single arc span to be created using precise input values or dynamically drawn within the 2D View.

Create Arc

Distort Tool

VCarvePro v6 Distort ToolThis new tool allows you to bend, flex and warp vectors or text. VCarve Pro creates a boundary envelope around your shapes that can be manipulated using the standard node editing tools. As the distortion envelope is altered, its shape is reflected by the vectors within. This is a great way to create decorative, dynamic-looking text easily and intuitively.
VCarvePro v6 Distort Tools

Special Calculation Characters

As well as the simple numerical calculations, VCarve Pro also supports several special characters to simplify common measurements. When used in calculation, VCarve Pro automatically substitutes the character with the appropriate value. These presets include the current material width, height and thickness as well as useful math values like Pi.

Calculation Edit Boxes

Where appropriate, numerical edit boxes on all of VCarve Pro's forms support simple calculations. Instead of working out a value from a calculation, a sum can be entered directly into the edit box.

When the '=' character is entered, VCarve Pro will perform the entered calculation and fill the edit box with the answer.

True Shape Nesting

VCarve Pro 5 now includes True Shape Nesting that automatically arranges and fits vector shapes into a material size or user definable area, to get optimal material usage and minimum wastage.

Part Nesting is perfect for Sign and Cabinet makers who need minimize material wastage and cut as many parts – letters & cabinet doors / panels – as possible from sheet materials.

Reduce Material Costs = Increased Profits

The nesting routine places vector shapes / parts as close to each other as possible, but ensuring a sufficient gap to allow the parts to be cut out.

For more information about True Shape Nesting click here >


True Shape Nesting is ideal for designing and machining flat sheet products

Interactive Trimming

The Scissors tool on the Edit Vectors section of the Drawing Tab trims vectors to intersection points and automatically re-joins them where possible. The interactive scissor cursor changes to show when it's possible to trim shapes.


Interactive Trimming

Advanced Text Tools with additional Single Stroke / Stick Engraving Fonts and automatic sizing and layout options. Plus options for Fitting Text to a Curve and interactive Text Arcing.

Layer Management that allows complex designs to be simplified by assigning different parts of the design to be placed on different layers and drawn in different colours. Each layer can be made visible / invisible when required, making it easy to see and select vectors in the 2D view.

Image Tracing also known as Vectorization allows photo’s and bitmap designs to be converted to vector outlines that can then be machined.

Bone Filleting corner filleting options are available that help ensure parts cut from sheet materials will slot together after cutting.

The 'Dog-Bone' and 'T-Bone' fillets allow toolpaths to ‘notch’ the inside corners of slots and grooves, allowing mating parts to fit flush against the true base of the pocket. This technique allows the radius of the cutter to be removed from the bottom of slots.

These filleting tools are perfect for designing and machining furniture, cabinets and model aircraft components etc. where precision fit is needed.

Curve & Arc Fitting for reducing the number of nodes on vectors to create smooth geometry within a user definable tolerance.

  • Converting bezier curves to arcs for machining
  • Converting arcs to bezier curves for easier manual editing
  • Converting bezier curves to polylines

2D Pocketing and Profile Toolpaths calculated from vectors that have been converted to arcs will include G2 / G3 circular arc moves. These toolpaths result in smoother and faster cutting on many CNC machines plus smaller toolpath file sizes.

Polylines converted to smooth Bezier curves are much easier to work with when designing 2D projects and modeling 3D components.

Rulers, Snap Grid and Guidelines help make designing and drawing projects quick and easy. These options can be switched on / off as required along with Snapping options that automatically detect and snap the cursor to key regions on a design.
The other drawing tools available in VCarve Pro include;

  • Weld shapes to create closed vector boundaries – Merge, Subtract and Intersect
  • Offset Open / Closed vectors either Inwards or Outwards - Left / Right
  • Array block copy and paste – linear or radial positioning
  • Fillet Corners interactively
  • Copy shapes along selected vectors






VCarve Pro can create single lines or blocks of text using any True Type font installed on your computer. The advanced 'Auto Layout' feature allows you to constrain a block of text to a rectangular area of the design. This is a massive time saver when laying out designs where it is not the size of the text that matters, but that the text fits in with the design. With this feature, changing the text on a house sign from 'The Smiths' to 'The Higginbottoms' takes seconds with the software automatically scaling the text to fit the area on the design reserved for the name.

After entering text, the individual letter kerning and line spacing can be edited interactively in real time using the text cursor. Simply clicking between two letters will decrease the spacing, shift + click increases the spacing.

Lines of text can also be interactively wrapped around an arc to create arched text either upwards or downwards.

Text from VCarve Pro

Interactive Tabs / Bridges

The tabs / bridging feature in VCarve Pro is both very powerful and easy to use. When cutting out jobs from sheet material, small 'tabs' or 'bridges' can be inserted along the final profile cut to hold the pieces in place. After machining is finished, the tabs can be easily cut or broken to free the part. The tabs in VCarve Pro can be specified either automatically by entering a minimum and maximum number of tabs to insert along with a distance between tabs, or manually, by clicking on the profile with the mouse. Even if tabs are entered automatically their placement can still be changed by either clicking on them with the mouse and dragging them to the required location, or click once to delete an existing tab and click once on a location where you want to insert a new one - it really is that simple!

Because the tab positions are specified on the original geometry being machined, rather than the toolpath itself like many other CAM systems do, recalculating a toolpath with a different tool or selection of vectors etc. does not loose all your carefully entered tabs!

Yet another advanced feature is the ability to specify 3D Tabs. With this style of tab, instead of the tool stopping at the start of the tab, retracting to the tab thickness, moving at the tab thickness for the length of the tab and then plunging back to the cut depth, the tool makes a smooth 3d move up to the tab thickness at the center of the tab and back down again over the remaining tab length. This approach gives much smoother profiling passes, as the CNC machine does not have to make any sharp changes of direction. In addition, the resulting tabs are usually easier to remove as well, with less marking of the job.

Tabs in VCarve Pro


VCarve Pro includes an easy to use drilling toolpath strategy. Whether you are drilling a single hole or hundreds, just select the vectors representing the holes and VCarve Pro will drill the center of each vector to the specified depth. The grouping feature in VCarve Pro makes it easy to associate all vectors for a particular toolpath strategy together. The tool database includes a dedicated drill tool type so that the true tool geometry can be seen in the toolpath previews.

As well as a single Z plunge, VCarve Pro also supports Peck Drilling, which drills to a specified depth, retracts the tool, drills down to the next step, retracts the tool and so on until the required finish depth is reached.

Drilling with VCarve Pro

Fast and efficient hole drilling

Beveled Letters

A feature many of our customers had asked us for was the ability to created attractive 'beveled letters' with both sharp inside and outside corners. With VCarve Pro this is now both possible and easy!

To produce these letters, a V-Bit tool is used to create the 'beveled' edge and VCarve Pro automatically calculates the 3D moves required to create the sharp corners in the inside of the shapes. For the outside corners, VCarve Pro offers the option of either rounded or square corners, with most people preferring the look of the square corners.

As these letters are often cut out with a straight sided tool after the beveling is done, VCarve Pro automatically calculates the offset required for the cut out tool. Remember, the Tabs feature can be used on the profile cut out feature to ensure your beautiful letters don't break loose during the cut out process and become damaged by the cutter.

Beveled Letters with VCarve Pro


VCarve Pro includes a unique feature for creating efficient 3D textures using the tool geometry. Typically up until now, creating a 3D texture on a job required access to an expensive modeling program to create the 3D texture. However, once you had your 3D model, your problems were only just beginning, as these textures usually had to be machined with a small 'ball nose' tool to reproduce the 3d form accurately, resulting in extremely long machining times.

VCarve Pro adopts a unique approach to solving this problem, by generating the texture directly using the shape of the cutter. In addition the texture toolpath generator can 'randomize' a number of key parameters to generate unique 'hand carved' looking textures which still machine extremely efficiently.

Textures can also 'trimmed' to a vector boundary allowing the creation of stunning jobs with unique textures in the background. This approach not only creates a unique hand carved look to your projects, but also almost eliminates tedious sanding which may be required in a flat background of a pocketed recess.

Texturing with VCarve Pro

Integrated Windows Explorer Thumbnail Support

From VCarve Pro 6.5 onwards, CRV files automatically include thumbnails when they are saved. Windows Explorer will make use of these thumbnails to show you a preview of each file when you browse a folder or when using the File Open Window.

Note: You will only see thumbnails for CRV files saved from VCarve Pro 6.5 or later.

Extensions to Embedded Calculator Image

File Import / Export

VCarve Pro can import data from a huge range of other design programs using a variety of industry standard file formats. These include DXF, EPS, AI as well as PDF files if they contain vector data. Once imported into VCarve Pro the program has a wide range of tools to make working with this data as efficient as possible. These tools allow you to group vectors together, edit nodes, cut and join vectors, resize vectors, mirror vectors, align vectors etc.

A very important set of tools are those used to identify duplicate vectors and identify and rejoin open vectors. These tool can save an enormous amount of time when working with poor quality data. We have had customers creating toolpaths on imported data in minutes which they had spent hours trying to fix up in other programs. Download the trial version and see for yourself.

As well as importing data from other programs, VCarve Pro offers the ability to export your data in either DXF, EPS or AI file formats. This feature can often be a life saver if a customer requests say some drawings for a sign in order to plan a layout.
File Import with VCarve Pro

Import 3D Designs from Vector Art 3D Machinist

3D elements from the Vector Art 3D Clip Art Collection can be incorporated into your designs to create jobs that are even more interesting and profitable.

The 3D clip art models from are first machined in the free VA3D-Machinist program. VCarve Pro then imports the toolpaths and a grayscale thumbnail preview from the 3D Machinist files. The grayscale preview can be interactively positioned in the 2D view and the associated 3D toolpaths are also moved in the 3D view.

Imported designs and toolpaths can be Rotated and Mirrored for symmetrical designs etc. When the composite design is finished all the toolpaths can be output from VCarve Pro.

The free VA3D Machinist machining software and some free sample models can be downloaded from the Vector Art 3D web site

Please Note: VA3D Machinist only machines 3D models from the Vector Art 3D collection.

Vector Art 3D Import with VCarve Pro

Import designs from PhotoVCarve

PhotoVCarve designs can now be incorporated into into V-Carved projects to make more interesting products. It is now very easy to add decorative carved borders and text to PhotoVCarve projects, enhancing their attractiveness and value.

This functionality is perfect for enhancing,

  • Lithophanes
  • 3D grayscale machining
  • Engraved PhotoVCarve designs

Multiple PhotoVCarve projects can be imported and positioned in VCarve Pro, where additional elements can then be added and machined. All of the toolpaths can then saved from VCarve Pro.

Please Note: PhotoVCarve is a separate product from VCarve Pro. For more details see the PhotoVCarve area of the web site.

PhotoVCarve Import with VCarve Pro

Printing & Print Preview

The contents of either the 2D or 3D view can now be printed using the Print command on the File menu. Simply select the view you wish to print (2D or 3D) and then click the Print command. The standard Windows printer dialog allows you to select the printer and adjust its properties. When the OK button in this dialog is clicked, the view will be printed.

The Print Preview command on the File menu allows you to check the layout of your page before you print. The printed view is always scaled to exactly fit the currently selected page size (including allowance for margins). Drawings are not, therefore, printed at actual size and are not printed across multiple pages.

Extensions to Embedded Calculator Image

Technical Support
& Vectric Forum

One of the most important features of any program is not within the program itself. It is the support available if something goes wrong, you have a query about how something works or even a suggestion for a new feature.

We are very proud of the quality of our software, and maintain an active and open forum at where our users can ask questions and report problems. In addition to direct input from Vectric, there are a large number of enthusiastic users who are always willing to help on any topic associated with CNC machining. Another very interesting section of the forum is the gallery area where users can post images of projects they have done using Vectric software. Please take a look, there are some very nice examples of work on there.

Even if you decide VCarve Pro isn't the solution for your needs, please pop over to the forum or email us to tell us why. We are always looking to improve the program, and feedback from users and potential users is our most important mechanism for choosing future features and capabilities.

In addition to the forum, we provide direct e-mail support via and our telephone number is available on the contacts page.

Please take a look at the testimonials page to see what some of our users have been saying about the software. There are also links on that page to clippings of various posting regarding Vectric and VCarve Pro from a number of independent forums around the web.

Vectric Forum Screen Shot

And Much More ...

We have only been able to give a brief overview of some of VCarve Pro's capabilities here. To really understand the speed, ease of use and full capabilities of VCarve Pro, please download the trial version and try it for yourself with your own data.

We have produced a number of tutorials including videos to get you up and running as quickly as possible. We supply a number of standard demonstration files which you can scale and cut on your own machine using your own tooling to verify the quality of the toolpaths produced from VCarve Pro. In addition to the standard demonstration files we supply, you can load any of your own data files and preview them using the standard toolpath simulation capabilities of the program.

We have had a number of customers who have 'sold' the job they used to pay for the software on the basis of the previews from the toolpath simulation in the trial version.



VCarve Pro Screen Shot